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TecNet brings you the very best in Two-Way Radio Communications and Data/Telemetry products

TecNet International is a supplier of TecNet and Maxon two-way and data radio products for North and South America. TecNet provides parts, technical information, and warranty support for our portable, mobile, and data radios. Our products are offered through a network of TecNet Dealers that is always growing. We are proud to be associated with these knowledgeable and professional two-way radio dealerships.

• Various Models

• High Quality

• Durable Accessories

• Easy Installation

• Dynamic Programming


• Waterproof & Water Resistant

• Easy to Use

• Lightweight

• Clear and Reliable Communication

• Versitile

• Increased Capacity

• Spectrum Efficiency

• Integrated Data

• Longer Battery Life

• Enhanced Voice Communications

• Greater Range

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